How Lumecca Can Treat Sun Damaged Skin

How Lumecca Can Treat Sun Damaged Skin

How Lumecca Can Treat Sun Damaged Skin

The sun is a powerful and essential source of energy for all the sources on the planet. It is important to keep the body healthy with a good dose of Vitamin D. But getting exposed to too much sunlight can lead to unwanted damage to the skin. If you are fed up with seeing the sunspots and other signs of sun damage while you look at your skin in the mirror then the happy news is that you don’t have to hide the issues with those harsh make-ups. With scheduled treatment sessions of advanced intense pulsed light (IPL), termed as Lumecca, you can make the skin look clear and feel confident. In this blog, we will explain how Lumecca can treat sun-damaged skin.

What is Lumecca?

  • There are many ways how Lumecca can treat sun-damaged skin. Lumecca is an advanced intense pulsed light (IPL) that is used to treat sunspots, facial veins, redness, and improving pigmentation issues. It is based on the concept where IPL energy enters into deep skin layers forcing the tissues and cells in the target area to break down. As the cells are destroyed, the body’s natural metabolism process removes them leading to the formation of new cells. This stimulation develops smooth and even skin surface.
  • This procedure is performed on the face, neck, hands, chest depending on the requirements and skin condition. It is a non-invasive and pain-free treatment that is just felt like a facial massage. There will be minor discomfort in the sunspot region which is not a reason to worry. There will be some amount of skin warming and redness after the treatment, which will go off within no time.
  • The pigmented spots will turn dusky after one- or two-days post-procedure. After a week, these lesions will flake off to showcase even-looking skin. The skin will be thoroughly examined by the skin specialist to know the intensity of the problem. Later, the treatment will be customized to decide on the number of sessions needed to treat the problem. The majority of individuals will see substantial improvement after a single session, but it will be reliant on the skin condition.

Lumecca is Known to Enhance the Issues of Sun Exposure and Showcase the Results on the Below Issues:


Sunspots are the hyperpigmentation regions on the skin that are caused due to sun exposure. They are clusters of melanin that may be red or brown in multiple areas in the body.


Rosacea is a condition that leads to visible blood vessels and redness in the face regions like the nose, chin, and foreheads. This condition has an impact on a significant percentage of people across the USA.

Vascular Lesions:

These are the spider veins that are formed due to sun damage, rosacea, or alcohol usage.


Over the years, age takes its toll on the skin leading to uneven texture and white spots damaging the skin surface.

Lumecca Procedure:

  • This treatment involves the passing of IPL light energy that just feels like a minor elastic sensation. There will be slight discomfort during the procedure which is easy to manage by the majority of individuals. After 24-48 hours from the treatment, dark spots will convert to a dusky appearance for up to one week. The pigmented lesions will flake off in the next days showcasing a smooth skin surface.
  • For vascular lesions, there will be a lightening of veins or less appearance of vein color that fades off within a few days after the treatment. The majority of patients respond to the treatment with minimal discomfort during the procedure. Lumecca is safe to be treated on the majority of facial and other regions of the body that are exposed to harmful UV rays of the skin. The most common areas receiving the treatment are the face. Neck, hands, and chest.

Any Downtime?

Lumecca lets the patient go back to his routine tasks without any hassles. There will be gradual darkening of sunspots and pigment lesions even though individual results will vary. The major success of the treatment is due to the natural absorption of flakes by the metabolism process. Patients are advised to apply good quality sunscreen and cover the skin while in sun to ensure effective results.


The majority of patients will see improvements in the skin right after the first session depending on the impact of sun damage, skin condition, and the purpose of treatment. Sunspot treatments will show the results after a few days from the first session. There will be a visible improvement after 1-2 weeks from the procedure where skin will start to look young and refreshing. For vascular-related issues, results will gradually show up and improve for up to 2 weeks. Having multiple IPL sessions will have a positive effect on the outcome. There will be no reported side effects for most of the patients and the minor redness and heating sensation resolves within a few hours after the treatment. Patients may see adverse effects if they are exposed to sunlight immediately after the treatment. Hence it is advised to refrain from being exposed to sunlight for some days after the treatment.

What are the Benefits of Lumecca?

  • This is the best way to enhance the skin tone along with the improvement of other skin issues.
  • Like age spots, sun spots, and pigmentation issues are eliminated, the skin will look younger and smoother than earlier.
  • This treatment stimulates the formation of new collagen in the skin providing natural-looking results.

Bottom Line:

Constant exposure of skin to the strong sun rays impacts the formation of collagen and elastin leading to age spots, freckles, rosacea, and uneven skin texture. There are many ways how Lumecca can treat sun-damaged skin. Lumecca is an ideal and proven solution for pigmented skin and vascular lesions linked to sun damage. This state-of-the-art IPL treatment is fast, smooth, and has no downtime providing improvement from sun spots, fine lines, and vascular lesions. Be confident with the cutting-edge and reliable non-invasive therapeutic and cosmetic services at Dahlia by WHA. You will be assured to get the service of the highly skilled staff and clinicians with the blend of the latest technology.