Are Botox and Botox cosmetics the same?

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Are Botox and Botox cosmetics the same?

Botox is generally known as the injection that stiffness the face muscles and refreshes the look of the face. Many people are not aware of the effectiveness of Botox as a versatile medicine. You may be knowing the aid of Botox in enhancing your appearance, but it can do much more than those tasks. When performed under expert supervision this compound has proven to aid beauty lovers and other patients in several ways. Hence, you must know the differences between Botox and Botox cosmetic to accurately utilize them for your problems. 

What Is Botox? 

  • Botox is a drug manufactured from a toxin generated by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum.” You may be worried by listening to the word “toxin”, but when administered under expert guidance, it can be highly beneficial. Botox is safe to be administered into the body if the injection itself is handled by a skilled and certified aesthetician. If the compound is injected by an inexperienced person then it has been shown to create adverse effects. There are two types of Botox injections namely Botox therapeutic and Botox cosmetic. You are aware of the basic fact that Botox works by stiffening the facial muscles. To be precise, as this compound enters the human body, it blocks the nerve signals from the target region causing them to be paralyzed for some days. 
  • After some days, these injections are absorbed by a natural metabolic process in the body, and effects are faded. You will have to opt for repetitive sessions to maintain the results for longer. As there are changes in the way nerves in the muscles are stimulated it causes changes in the region. It causes improvement in facial wrinkles and some other skin issues along with therapeutic benefits. But irrespective of getting these injections for therapeutic or cosmetic issues, this compound will perform in the same manner as stated above. Keep reading below to know the major differences between the two in detail. 

What Is Botox Cosmetic? 

  • As the body ages, skin loses its stiffness and elastic nature. Due to the lack of elasticity, the skin will feel tougher to get back to its original form. Botox cosmetic treats this exact cause and enhances the look of forehead creases, fine lines, crows’ feet near the eyes, etc. This non-surgical injectable will fade off the fine lines, wrinkles, etc that are caused due to the natural expressions and offers a rejuvenated appearance. Botox was approved by FDA to treat many cosmetic issues like frown lines, forehead furrows and fade the wrinkles and lines occurring on facial regions like the forehead, Corner and between the eye regions, drooping mouth, and brow. You will be assured to get fresh, smooth, and young-looking skin when done in a reliable aesthetic center. 
  • Wrinkles on your face can be caused due to the regular expression of emotions. Emotional expressions can lead to a wide range of facial movements. Wrinkles are increased due to the repetition of those movements on the face. Botox injections rightly work on the target regions and numb the nerves to get back the skin to origi9nal shape for some days. Reduced facial lines, wrinkles, etc will enhance the appearance dramatically and increase your self-esteem. Botox cosmetic is also employed in reducing the effects of high sweating. They can similarly affect the sweat nerves and save the people from constant embarrassment. 

What Is Botox Therapeutic? 

  • Botox therapeutic injections are approved by FDA to treat several medical conditions. Along with the cosmetic benefits of treating fine lines, wrinkles, crow’s feet, and other issues, these injections can also be effective on medical issues like chronic migraines, rotational cervical dystonia which is generally known as acute spasms affecting the shoulder and neck region. This Botox can also be covered under many insurance policies under proper guidance. 
  • This can also be used in treating problems of the eye like uncontrolled blinking and misaligned eyes. Some of the bladder issues are also treated using Botox injections. If a person has a sensitive bladder, a Botox injection under expert supervision can be extremely beneficial. 
  • This might also be employed as a form of procedure for hemifacial tremors, and post-stroke upper limb spasticity, as per a few medical magazines and research. While Botox is generally regarded as a treatment for cosmetic treatments, it is important to understand that it has other medical advantages. 

About Botox procedure: 

  • This is a simple procedure under expert supervision and does not cause any major discomfort. But if you are too sensitive, then you might be given a kind of anesthetic following which the injectable will be given on the target region. The exact target regions will be reliant on the reason for administering the Botox injection. 
  • There may be more than one injection on the target region, precisely if the Botox is employed on a larger part of the body. As the procedure is completed, you can go back to the normal routine, but you will be suggested to stay away from rubbing the region for the suggested time. Keep monitoring yourself for any possible side effects and do not hesitate to call your specialist if there are any. 
  • As the body undergoes the natural metabolic process, this compound will fade off in some months. The presence of the effects can vary across different people. Hence, for people who need to continue the benefits, there may be the requirement of additional injections. Following the instructions of your doctor is important to maintain the results for longer. 

Final Thoughts: 

The prospect of getting a Botox injection can seem daunting initially, but there’s no actual necessity to be worried if you are associated with the professionals like Dahlia by WHA. We are highly effective and experienced in offering optimal skin rejuvenation, cosmetic procedures, quality products, and soul pampering. We’re dedicated to generating a memorable feel for every individual at all your visits. We emphasize the goal of meeting your expectations to support you appear and feel your best.